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Flash Fiction Monday – Missing Unicorn


The entire living room seemed to shudder as the door slammed shut.  “A large female? You really had to call me a large female? And I am not missing. I went to visit my sister for a couple of days because you’re an asshat.”

“Camille  …”

“Don’t Camille me.” The curvy, rainbow-haired shifter wagged a finger at Roy.  “You plastered a missing poster of a unicorn all over Manhattan to get back at me because we had a fight.  Not cool, man.”

“It was meant to be a joke,” Roy replied weakly.  At the time—and given the amount of alcohol in his system—it had seemed like a good idea.  A way to make his girlfriend laugh.  Apparently, it had been the wrong choice.

Camille’s sky blue eyes narrowed.  “A joke.  You called me large, dipshit.  That’s never funny.”

Roy sidled closer and warily put a hand on Camille’s hip.  “You know I love your curves, babe. “

“Well, you aren’t going to be loving them tonight!” Camille spun on her heel and stalked toward the bedroom, tossing her mane of brightly colored hair over her shoulder.  It had taken some time to get used to living with a woman who was a pointy-horned horse half the time.  It was hell on their hardwood floors, that was for sure.  Roy was just grateful she’d never attempted to skewer him while angry. Slamming doors he could handle.

Through two closed doors, Roy heard the sound of rushing water and figured Camille would be in the bath for a while.  He sank onto the couch with a frown as he pondered how to apologize for their argument.  Properly this time.

Hours later, Roy felt the tickle of long hair across his back.  He blinked sleepily and rolled over, careful not to dislodge the woman kneeling over him. Soft lips feathered against his.  “You can’t bribe me with taffy every time we fight.”

Roy grinned against his girlfriend’s lips.  He was a candy maker and everyone knew the way to a unicorn’s heart was through sweets.  “Nope. Next time it’ll be cordial cherries.”


Please visit the flash fic group on Facebook and check out the links to the other authors’ flash fics for this week! We managed to lure the elusive Eileen Griffin out with a unicorn prompt so be sure to check out her fic!

I look forward to seeing you next Monday!

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