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Don’t Tell Me It’ll Be Fine – Pt. 2: The Plan

To see Pt. 1: The Rant, click here.

Last night, I got a message from a friend who lives out of state. He was in the area and asked if I was free and wanted to grab dinner. I’d actually canceled a date (the guy turned out to be racist and xenophobic, ugh) so I met my friend in Ann Arbor instead.  Although we touched briefly on the election and the consequences, our conversation primarily covered everything else.

We stayed at the restaurant until they kicked us out and it was a massive relief to laugh and joke and just enjoy a good meal. I drove home with a smile on my face, singing along to show tunes. It was glorious.

For a few minutes, I felt guilty. But I realized that I needed that break. It didn’t make me any less determined to make changes in my life or fight for myself and the people I care about. On the contrary, it allowed me to do that better.

I fell asleep easily and woke up feeling more rested than I have since Tuesday.

Today I feel mentally equipped to sit down and make a plan.

Here it is.

The Plan:

  1. Set up a recurring monthly donation to the ACLU. (Already done)

  2. Donate to other groups like Planned Parenthood and the Southern Poverty Law Center as my budget allows.

  3. Find organizations and groups that are educational and help me connect with others who want to make change happen. (Ongoing, but I’ve already started)

  4. Attend local events where my voice can be heard.

  5. Contact my legislators through petitions/letter writing campaigns/calls. (Ongoing, but I’ve already started)

  6. Seek out the voices of people who are marginalized and listen to what they have to say. (Ongoing, but I’ve already started)

  7. Contact the Ruth Ellis Center about volunteering my time. It’s a wonderful organization in the Metro Detroit area that helps:LGBTQ youth. I donate to them around the holidays every year, but I need to do more.

  8. Be scrupulously careful about only sharing verified news and information about what’s happening. There will be plenty of horrible results of this. There’s no reason to spread false information. It only hurts us. (Ongoing, but I’ve already started)

  9. Vote with my dollar. Support ethical companies and actively avoid supporting companies that are contributing to the problem.

  10. Stop tolerating minor comments against women/minorities/LGBTQ people. I know there are times I could have spoken up and haven’t, and that has to stop. (Ongoing, but I’ve already started)

  11. Attend the Million Women March in D.C. in January to show that my voice won’t be silenced.

  12. Work on learning the difference between preaching and educating people.

  13. Come out to my former coworkers. If I lose them as friends that will break my heart, but I will not hide who I am anymore, just because it’s going to be difficult.

  14. Allow myself  to take a break for my own mental health. (Ongoing, but I’ve already started)

Quick note: Here’s a great resource for self-care specifically for bisexual people:

Please, please, feel free to comment with other constructive suggestions. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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