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Clausing a Scene is live!

The latest release from Christmas Falls is by the fantastic Casey Cox.

I'm definitely on Santa's naughty list this year…

My agent calls me a PR nightmare, but I'm just trying to have some fun for the first time in my life. To clean up my supposed 'bad boy' image, I'm starring in a cheesy, live-action holiday rom-com set in Christmas Falls.

Ha, some punishment.

The head of the company producing the film is Hig Langdon, my best friend's dad, a.k.a. my lifelong crush. The most kindhearted and devastatingly handsome guy I’ve ever laid my eyes on. A sexy businessman and mountain lumberjack rolled into one. He can jingle my bells any time.

But this year, I want Hig to stop seeing me as a kid… Or his son's best friend. I'm an adult, and it's time for Hig to start treating me like one. And I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Clausing a Scene is low-angst holiday fun guaranteed to get you into the festive spirit. It's packed with holiday goodness as well as: my best friend's dad, age gap, snowed in, and first-time fun!

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