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I’ve been writing like mad in the last week and a half and have over 15,000 words on Evan’s story.  The story’s outlined, I have a clear grasp of who the characters are, and the words have been flowing as fast as I can type them.  But it’s just not happening today.

artwork  in retro style,  girl in the library, sleeping

I’m going to see if working on something else helps, but if not, I might just need a day off.

The problem is, I’d already planned to take Friday afternoon and most of Saturday off.  The husband volunteered to kick himself out of the house to visit his sisters while I have a sleepover with my closest friend.  We have plans to work on crafts and drink wine and generally stay up far too late giggling.

We both need it.  She has two little boys and I have two jobs and we’re both exhausted and overworked. It’ll help us both recharge and I’m very much looking forward to it.

Here’s hoping I can coax my brain to work on something else until I get to the break I scheduled.

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